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Organise all your duties with eSmiley's online cleaning checklist

Keeping your kitchen clean and sanitized helps to avoid food contamination, spread of viruses and other health risks incidents. But, with so many things to clean in a kitchen, it can be difficult to remember all of the individual cleaning tasks that you need to take care of and how regularly you need to clean your equipment.

Use eSmiley Clean to ensure all areas are safe and staff are implementing food safety procedures.      


It's easy to use

eSmiley Clean is flexible and easy to use. Create and describe tasks in the system and set a due date. Your tasks appear in a bulleted list, where you can mark each task complete whenever you’re done. Once the task has been completed it disappers from the to-do list and doesn't show up until next time it's time for cleaning. Just like you know it from eSmiley's Digital Self-Monitoring.   





eSmiley Clean gives you

  • Keep track of the cleaning tasks that need to be completed
  • Document that your are doing a serious cleaning effort
  • Stay organised and keep on top of food safety guidelines
  • Upload fotos and communicate easily with external suppliers directly from the system

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