About eSmiley

We are eSmiley

eSmiley is headquartered in Copenhagen and Oslo, where our offices are staffed by a diverse team, ranging from customer support professionals to food consultants and software developers.

This setup empowers us to continually customize our products and services to meet the unique needs of each customer. As a result, more than 145,000 chefs and kitchen professionals trust us for a wide range of solutions, including digital HACCP Management, risk analysis, automatic temperature measurement, food waste measurement, online training, and food safety advice.

At eSmiley, we believe that the path to success is through detailed knowledge and innovation. We wish to contribute to greater value creation for our customers through innovative software solutions and better utilization of resources. All with respect for the individual and the world we live in.

Through strong cooperation with the authorities and other partners, we ensure the quality of our product and that we are always one step ahead. Most importantly, we make it simple and efficient to comply with the rules.

Sustainability in eSmiley

We continuously strive to make a difference. With sustainability as a key principle of the business, we want to contribute to creating a more sustainable world. Our approach to sustainability is simple. We believe that actions speak louder than words and that focus should be directed to sustainability areas where we can have the greatest positive impact.

We prioritize setting aspiring, unambiguous, and actionable goals to facilitate our sustainability work. Our goal is to become CO2e neutral by 2030 without transferring the impact to other parties.

As a responsible Nordic company, it is also of utmost priority to create a working environment and a recruitment process that focuses on inclusiveness, tolerance, and respect for diversity with no tolerance for discrimination.


Steen Halbye

Chairman of the Board

Mari Blomberg

Director of Global Sales
+47 93 28 33 00 mabl@esmiley.no

Rikke Aaberg

Global Marketing Manager
+45 51 59 68 29 riaa@esmiley.dk

Hamed Sattari

+45 70 26 55 55 hamed@esmiley.dk

Simon Rosenbäck

+45 70 26 55 55 sr@esmiley.dk

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