Multi kitchen

Centralized control of multiple kitchens

For multiple kitchens, we offer a simple solution for centralized management, reporting, and updates across all units. This gives you an overview and saves time and money.

Multi kitchen


Centralized management and reporting across all kitchens
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Free expert advice and support via phone and email


Customized solution for your preferences and needs
Advanced business insights and comprehensive overview
Extensive training to facilitate user onboarding


Real-time unit monitoring and customizable dashboards
Scalable platform that can expand with your requirements
APIs for seamless integration of data into existing systems

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Enhanced centralized management for multiple kitchens

Multi Kitchen is tailored for those overseeing numerous kitchen operations, such as canteens or restaurant chains. Our system streamlines the management of all your kitchens from a single, centralized platform. This translates to improved food safety, heightened efficiency, and consistent standards across all your kitchen units. You have the flexibility to create templates, ensuring that standardized procedures are followed in every kitchen. Template customization and updates can be effortlessly executed centrally.

Moreover, you can ensure that performance metrics and reports maintain uniformity across all your kitchens, providing you with a clear, holistic view of their operations. With the ability to consolidate all your kitchens into a single report, you can easily compare and manage them. Our approach focuses on identifying and managing deviations centrally, thereby bolstering food safety, moving beyond mere procedural checks.

Standardizing the setup of your kitchens also simplifies performance comparisons. To delve even deeper, internal audits can be performed on each kitchen to evaluate their performance relative to one another. Our system is designed to be flexible, allowing for customization tailored to your company’s structure. For instance, area managers can effortlessly generate reports specific to their areas.

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