Automatic temperature measurement

Ensures quality with fully automatic control measurements


Save time with automatic registration in eSmiley HACCP
Best automatic temperature monitors with the widest range
Temperature system integrates with all eSmiley solutions
Free expert advice and support via phone and email


Maintain food at the correct temperature 24/7
Notifications in case of temperature fluctuations
Avoid errors and inaccuracies – no manual measurements
Enhance the quality of your temperature control


Quick and hassle-free setup – no need for cables, just plug and play
Wireless sensors operate on their dedicated network
Compatible with both 4G and WIFI, ensuring ease of use
Complete overview of all your refrigeration units in real-time

eSmiley comes highly recommended by over 17,000 kitchens

Why choose eSmiley

The Nordic leader in
professional kitchen solutions
Smiley Guarantee – ensures a
happy smiley at inspections
Super easy to use
and quick start-up
Customized solutions developed
by food safety experts

No more manual measurements. Improved food safety

Temperature measurement of your refrigerators and freezers is a critical aspect of your own-check process. Your food safety depends on maintaining the legally required temperature and conducting daily checks.

eSmiley’s proprietary sensors are top-of-the-line, offering the widest range available. These wireless sensors operate on their dedicated network, continuously measuring temperatures and seamlessly transmitting the data directly to your eSmiley HACCP Management system. All measurements are automatically recorded in your system, consolidating the data in one accessible location. This guarantees that your food is consistently stored at the correct temperature.

In essence, automatic temperature measurement means less effort, enhanced safety, and elevated quality. You’ll be two steps ahead, always prepared for inspections.

Get started quickly

Contact eSmiley. You’ll receive sensors for your cooling units. Temperatures are automatically integrated with your HACCP Management system

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