Measure food waste

Save resources and reduce by up to 50%


Save money, time, and reduce food waste by up to 50%
Assistance and advice from our food waste experts
Get a solution tailored to your kitchen’s unique needs
Free expert advice and support via phone and email


Overview of cost savings, CO2 reductions, and kg saved
Get a more sustainable kitchen and help our planet
Easy and quick to use in your daily work
Customized reports with a complete overview


Easy plug-and-play installation of the scale and tablet
Purchase your own scale or borrow one from us
Benchmark against industry leaders and your own kitchens
Access a free app with unlimited users

eSmiley comes highly recommended by over 17,000 kitchens

Why choose eSmiley

Reduce your food
waste by up to 50%
Get a more sustainable kitchen
– save money and time
Super easy to use
and quick start-up
Customized solutions developed
by food safety experts

Learn more about your food waste and take action where it matters

When food is discarded, it’s not just the ingredients that are wasted; it’s also working hours, money, and consideration for the environment that are lost. Our user-friendly digital solution minimizes food waste in your kitchen without disrupting your workflow.

Receive free assistance and guidance from our food waste experts. With just a few minutes of daily effort, you’ll gain a valuable overview of your food waste in just a few weeks. And if you’re looking to further reduce food waste, we have a solution that aligns with your ambitions.

By collecting data on food waste from production, buffets, storage, and plates, you’ll gain insight into your food waste patterns. Equipped with this information, you can easily reduce waste and observe tangible savings in terms of costs, CO2 emissions, and kilograms of food. This, in turn, can create budget space for investing in more organic food, for instance.

Get started quickly

Contact eSmiley. You’ll receive a scale, tablet, and access to our app for food waste registration

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