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Necessary knowledge to ensure good routines in the kitchen

Prerequisite for complying with laws and regulations when working with food

Simple and educational training for employees with elements of video

Professional and technical support

Flexibility - take the course digitally when and where you want


Gain knowledge about I HACCP, Self-Monitoring, cleaning and hygiene in the kitchen

Each module is made up of text and video

Receive a course certificate after completing the course

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Certificate course in Food Hygiene

Our best selling course. For you who work with many types of food preparation and heating.

Basic course in Food Hygiene

Our basic course in hygiene. For you who work with simple food handling. For example boiling, frying sausages and bake off.

Enhance Course


Digital Self-Monitoring

Get complete control of food safety in your kitchen, and be sure to meet regulatory requirements every single day.
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FoodWaste is a digital tool that helps you fight food waste. Save money, time and resources - as well as the environment. 

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Get information on how you can improve food safety in your kitchens with a thorough procedure check for cleaning, storage and food handling. 

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Our sensors automatically monitors the temperature of your fridges and freezers 24-7.

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Organize all your tasks with our online cleaning checklist, and ensure all areas are safe and implementing food safety procedures.

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With eSmiley we save half the time we spent on training before. And at an administrative level we can better keep up with trainings in a large chain like ours.

- Rikke Rye, HR Manager, 7-Eleven, Denmark

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