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Get knowledge on food safety

With eSmiley’s online Certificate Hygiene Course, you will be equipped to work safely with food. You can take the course via your computer at your convenience, and get the necessary professional knowledge in an easy and fun way.
The courses are easy to attend so everyone can participate.

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Who is it for?

The food hygiene course is for people without a vocational education, and who works in a kitchen, restaurant, grill, café, pizzeria, burger bar, petrol station or similar. Where you prepare or heat meat dishes, pizza, sandwiches or other perishable foods. 

chef washing tomatoes

How does it work?

The food hygiene course contains text and videos about hygiene and good work ethics in the kitchen. Each module will finish with a test, which must be passed before you can progress to the next module. If you fail, you can go back, read the material again and repeat the test.
The course ends with a final test with 20 questions. A manager or someone else must be present during the test to ensure that the it's completed without any aids. When the test is passed, the certificate can be printed out. The person present in the room during the test must sign the certificate and hereby confirm that it is the actual course participant who have completed the test.


"With eSmiley we save half the time we spent on training before. And at an administrative level we can better keep up with trainings in a large chain like ours."

- Rikke Rye, HR Manager, 7-Eleven, Denmark

Did you loose your certificate?

If you have completed eSmiley’s online Certificat Hygiene Course but lost your original certificate, you may order a replacement certificate from us. 

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