Reduce food waste.  Save money.

FoodWaste is a simple digital tool that helps you fight food waste. 

FoodWaste is developed with busy kitchens in mind. That's why we've made sure it's easy and fast. And we've built it to find those aspects of waste that have the highest potential for financial savings.  

With the FoodWaste system, you save money. You get more time for the fun stuff. And you get more space for creativity in the kitchen. 



Animated movie about the esmiley food waste system
foodwaste værktøj

It's easy to measure food waste

Weigh, register, save. Measuring food waste with the eSmiley system takes a few seconds. With the help of the attached weight and an iPad, you can register food waste with just a few clicks. 

Tablet with the FoodWaste dashboard

FoodWaste shows you where to act

You can keep constant tabs on your work with reducing food waste: See stats like the total amount wasted per day, where the waste occurs, average cost of waste per guest... and download detailed reports on it. 

Using these stats, the system gives you an overview and tells you where you will get the maximum effect with the least effort. 

chef peels zucchini

Our food waste specialists are here to help

When you get FoodWaste, you get more than just a digital platform. You also get access to our specialists who are among the leading experts in food waste reduction. 

They help customise the system to your liking and instruct you in getting started. And there are with you all the way with professional guidance and support. Not just when getting started, but down the line too, keeping you motivated and updated. 

Chef cutting cherry tomatoes

FoodWaste gives you:

  • Digital measurement and registration of food waste
  • Tailored measurement design
  • Detailed reports of your food waste on product- commodity- and guest levels.
  • Overview of where your food waste occurs
  • Project management tools
  • A more sustainable and environmentally conscious business 

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FoodWaste gives us a really nice overview of what goes to waste so we can focus our work on reducing it.

- Kirsten Secher Willumsen, Director, Skarrildhus, Sinatur Hotel
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