Easy food safety management

With eSmiley Digital Self-Monitoring, you get complete control of food safety in your kitchen. You can be sure to meet regulatory requirements every single day and can confidently welcome the health inspectors anytime - regardless of whether you're a one man army, a large kitchen or a chain with hundreds of locations. We know food safety management and inspections can be stressful, so should you need us, we are always here to help. 

Tablet with the eSmiley food safety system

It's easy to use

You can use eSmiley’s digital self-monitoring system without having any knowledge of computers and technology. All controls and reports can be made with just a few clicks on a tablet, computer or smartphone in the user-friendly, maintenance-free system.



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Customized for your kitchen

We customise your self-monitoring program to match your kitchen and activities. And we make sure it meets any and all official requirements.

eSmiley's digital self-monitoring is used by thousands of professional kitchens, each with their own adapted version of the same core system. Our customer base ranges from the smallest street kitchen to the largest global manufacturing chains and everything in between. 

Smiling female restaurant owner

eSmiley Self-Monitoring gives you

  • A daily list of inspections you have to perform
  • Self-monitoring programme and risk analysis tailored to you
  • SMS and e-mail alerts when a control is almost overdue
  • Automatic regulatory updates
  • Stress-free inspection visits where you simply click a single button and show your eSmiley inspection page

"eSmiley makes our daily routines easy and efficient and gives us more time for serving our guests."

- Susanne Houlberg, Quality Assurance Manager, McDonald’s

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We are experts in food safety and hygiene

Do you have unique requirements? Don't worry. With more than 10,000 customers in the food service industry we've tried it all. Whether it's because you work in wholesale, have several departments or produce 100% organic food, we've built special advanced systems to meet all official requirements.

eSmiley offers professional help within hygiene and food safety and you will get help and advice from experienced consultants.

Let us help you! We are proud every time we complete a task for you.

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