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The ultimate solution for easy temperature monitoring

The eSmiley sensors takes over the dull job of registrating temperatures manually!

Our sensors automatically monitors the temperature of your fridges and freezers 24-7. All temperature measurements get registered directly into the eSmiley Self-Monitoring system, so they are always accessible in case of inspection visit.


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In case of critical temperature changes, the system will instantly send you an alarm on an e-mail or SMS. This way you can react before it's too late. The Smiley sensors secure you against ugly surprises. The system will warn you if the temperature rises above the fixed limits, which will help you avoid loss of tainted food.

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eSmiley Sensor saves data during transport

The eSmiley Sensor can be used during transport and without an internet connection. The sensors will save the measurement data and can be read at arrival at the destination, so you are sure that the temperature requirements during transport have been met.

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eSmiley Sensor gives you

  • Wireless temperature monitoring 24/7
  • Security that your products are in proper condition
  • Automatic registration in your eSmiley system
  • SMS or e-mail alerts if there are irregularities
  • Accurate measurements, high reliability and long-term stability

It's very easy. You get an alert if something goes wrong. Then I have time to react instead of having to throw out expensive food.

- Jesper Nielsen, Restaurant Manager, Sunset Boulevard

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